Mach 6 Hydrodynamic Turbulence at 2048^3
Alexei Kritsuk, Rick Wagner, Paolo Padoan & Mike Norman

Machines DataStar (SDSC) IBM Power 4
Data Analysis/Storage
BigBen (PSC) Cray XT3
25% Main Simulation/Data Analysis
Pople (PSC) SGI Altix
Data Analysis
Ranger (TACC) SUN Constellation Cluster
75% Main Simulation
Application ENZO
Method PPM
Grid Resolution 2048^3
Number of CPUs 4,096
Number of Time Steps 44,000
Number of Stored Flow Snapshots 100
Wall Clock Time
Based on Ranger performance
2 Weeks
CPU Hours
Based on Ranger performance

Images Plots Animations
Projected Gas Density
Each MPEG movie covers five dynamical times of evolution
S - reduced resolution 1024^2
L - full resolution 2048^2
The dynamic range for the density is about 5 dex
X-projection 015
X-projection 015
Y-projection 015
X-projection 025
Y-projection 025
X-projectS, 27M
Y-projectS, 29M
Z-projectS, 29M
X-projectL, 78M
Y-projectL, 84M
Z-projectL, 83M
Gas Density in a Thin Slice
Each MPEG movie covers five dynamical times of evolution
S - reduced resolution 1024^2
L - full resolution 2048^2
G - grey scale
C - color
The dynamic range for the projected density is 2 dex
X-slice 1000/015
X-slice 1000/015
X-slice 0100/025
X-slice 0100/025
X-slice 0100/025
X-sliceSC, 43M
X-sliceSG, 30M
Y-sliceSC, 42M
Y-sliceSG, 28M
Z-sliceSC, 35M
Z-sliceSG, 24M
X-sliceLG, 81M
Y-sliceLG, 77M
Z-sliceLC, 97M
Z-sliceLG, 69M
Time Evolution of Global Variables
EPS plots for the rms Mach number and max density
Red circles indicate a sample of 23 snapshots used to get time-average spectra
Mach Number
Max Density
Power Spectra
EPS plots for instantaneous and time-average power spectra of the velocity, energy transfer rate, and gas density
020 130 Mean
Energy Transfer:
020 130 Mean
020 130 Mean
Log Density:
020 130 Mean
Projected Density
Gas Density PDFs
EPS plot shows the density PDFs for a dozen of early snapshots and a lognormal approximation
Density PDF

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0607675.
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Alexei Kritsuk
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